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Our Process

It's all about the experience.

At Advanced Renovations, our focus is putting our years of experience and expertise to work to ensure the best possible experience for you from the first time you call us until the finishing touches are in place, laying the foundation for a relationship that lasts a lifetime.


To that end, we've developed a unique, all-encompassing four-step Design-Build process that eliminates guesswork and ensures we'll get every detail right from the start.

This process scales easily to any size project, addressing every potential concern and considering all possible site factors in order to eliminate the frustrations that can skew the bidding process, bog down construction and ultimately lead to an end result that fails to fulfill your vision.


1. Consultation

At Advanced Renovations, everything we do begins and ends with you, so naturally our first step in any project is to get to know you, your vision, your expectations and your budget.

We begin with an on-site consultation in which we discuss your needs and expectations so we can determine the best design build solution for your project. During this visit we will perform an initial evaluation of your home, examining the space you'd like to renovate in the greater context of your entire home and property.

And if you're interested in exploring ways to make your project more eco-conscious, we can also perform an energy audit and recommend proactive solutions to make your home function as efficiently as possible.

Once an agreement is reached, we'll draft and sign a preliminary document known as a "Design-Build Agreement" and move forward.


2. Design

With the design-build agreement in place, we'll draft preliminary construction drawings using our in-house design team or working in collaboration with your architect or interior designer.

We'll review these with you, providing the opportunity to suggest revisions, exchange ideas and assist with product selections.

At this time, we'll also carry out site visits with contractors and gather quotes from vendors and suppliers in order to formulate a preliminary estimate of costs.

Upon your approval, we'll create the final construction drawings, construction contract, project schedule and fixture/finish schedule, which we'll make available online to facilitate collaboration and updates.


3. Build

With a signed contract in place, construction drawings finalized and finishes selected, execution of the design begins.

At this point we'll bring together the entire design-build team — you the homeowner, design professionals, Advanced Renovations staff, subcontractors and vendors — to ensure that all parties are of one mind and communicating in an efficient manner.

As the project begins to take shape, we'll take the reigns and allow you to relax and watch it all come to life. We'll obtain all necessary permits, monitor the budget and schedule and frequently inform you of the project?s progress. We are driven by client satisfaction and pride ourselves on upholding the highest quality standards while maintaining a clean and safe job site.

And in the event that changes or unforeseen circumstances arise, we can address them quickly and efficiently while keeping you apprised of any changes to cost or construction schedule.


4. Maintain

Even when your project is complete, our work is not yet done.

Your newly renovated space is covered by our two-year workmanship warranty. And at the end of the first year, we’ll return to perform a follow-up walk-through in order to address any issues that may have surfaced since the final day of construction.

We can also provide a variety of post-construction maintenance services, including efficiency-boosting, eco-friendly solutions. We’ll begin by evaluating your home inside and out using our comprehensive 60-point checklist and develop a customized maintenance program designed to provide years of hassle-free upkeep as well as the peace of mind of a high-performance home.